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01 February 2016

San Francisco is a beautiful place, but anyone trying to pretend there are no homeless people there, has lost their damn mind. I’m looking at you, Mayor Lee. Far too many people in the Bay Area only have those tents to go home to. Way more than I’d ever seen in one place before moving here.

I’d like to see a study document what happens when chronic smokers (pun intended) stop smoking. Do the short-term memory issues remain the same, lessen in severity or disappear completely? I’d bet money they dissipate almost completely. Either way, moderation is your friend. It’ll keep you from becoming a burnout and it will keep your THC tolerance at a manageable level. You don’t want to become so tolerant that it takes three times as much THC to get you high. Your wallet will never forgive you.

Don’t let the statistics fool you–not these, not any. The Republican Latino Trump supporter may not be a myth, but it sure as hell is not the majority. The rest of us brown people stand together and we refuse stand for a bigot like Trump. We’re also not delusional and understand that the Republican party (in its current form) is completely incapable of properly representing us.


Image Source: Joanna Bradley via Above Average

Image Source: Joanna Bradley via Above Average

Someone tell me this is a joke. Please? Also, you can call yourself a “neomasculinist” all day, but you’re nothing more than a Men’s Rights Activist with an extra syllable.

When will the world weep for Mexico? I’m running out of tears and no one cares because I’m just another dirty Mexican. Don’t believe me? Ask a Trump supporter what they think.

But feminism is annoying and useless, right?