Room in Rome (2010) – Movie Review



Trailer, not so safe for work.  Err on the side of caution, buddy.


We meet Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) and Alba (Elena Anaya) after they’ve enjoyed a night out at a bar.   They’re both tourists and giddy with the effervescence of alcohol. They’re walking and enjoying one another’s conversation and company.  They’re also headed in the direction of Alba’s hotel.

Natasha has never done anything like this before, let alone with a woman and Alba is completely captivated.  Alba is beautiful and impossibly enticing so, eventually, Natasha gives in. Together, they embark on one of those moments that people tend to remember for the rest of their lives. Room in Rome is the story of what happens once the women disappear into Alba’s hotel room.

Inside her decadent room, Alba and Natasha quickly get to know one another.  Alba’s alluring nature and Natasha’s intriguing temperament intertwine into a delightful and moving experience. While most one-night-stands end with little more than a smile and a tip of the hat to the memory of a ‘good time once had,’ this movie gives back so much more than that.

I enticed my husband into watching this one with a bottle of wine and the promise of beautiful women getting it on.  I didn’t sincerely think I was going to get much more from Room in Rome, other than maybe some ambiance.  What I ended up with was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Elena Anaya is as decidedly charming as Alba.  Her emotive eyes and insistent nature make for a provocative mix of sensations. Anaya’s portrayal of Alba is alluring and erotic. Her delicate stature and nature balance her intense personality perfectly.  She plays an Alba we would all love to get to know. She’s full of light and exploding with experience, she’s everything you love about life.  She’s Alba.

Natasha Yarovenko seems to tower over Alba.  Natasha’s imposing stature and personality make her captivating.  Her considerable beauty is nicely pared with a sincere nature and empathetic heart. Natasha is strong-willed and nimble.  She’s bold, devastatingly attractive and impossible not to love.  She’s Natasha.

Two, well developed characters, set against the backdrop of a hedonistically luxurious & perfectly lit hotel room, have no choice but to fall in love. Alba and Natasha bare their souls to one another since they know they’ve got nothing to lose.  It’s ‘the last night in Rome’ for each of them.   Why not have deliriously good times with intoxicatingly great company, whilst enjoying every pleasure that entails?

Alba and Natasha’s story is not just erotic.  As a matter of fact, it transcends gender, age and even circumstance. Theirs is a story of true love.  Room in Rome is what happens when you meet the love of your life, while already ass-deep in another complicated life, which you happen to share with someone else entirely.  This is what happens when love sneaks up on you and reminds you that it’s real.  This movie is an homage to that fantastical emotion, which creates art, destroys lives and inspires song.  It’s a beautiful and honest look at love.

I enjoyed the ambiance this movie created.  It was inviting, warm & cozy. Visually, the movie is breathtaking mostly due to the impeccable physiques of the two leading ladies. The lighting, set and soundtrack make for an indulgent experience. The rich colors in the film add a texture that’s difficult to describe, but easy to appreciate as well.

While virtually this entire movie unfolds inside one hotel room, you’re made to feel as if these two inhabit their own island, far away. Room in Rome is an honest look at the emotional devastation that true love can bring, as well as the exhilaration, precipitated through simply confirming it’s existence.

I suppose this movie is a lot like the elusive emotion, which it intends to depict with sound, sight and sensuality. I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Watch what happens when true love slaps you in the mouth and takes everything you have, only to give you back the best night of your life. If you’re open to good love, honest art and a sensual setting, you will not be disappointed with Room in Rome.


Room in Rome (2010) – A-

A-= This is a good one and these don’t happen often.  If you’re going to sit there and watch a movie you might as well watch something good regardless of genre and this is one of those movies.  Do it.