This Should Not Be Okay


By Anonymous

Trump is a caricature of the worst stereotypes about America and Americans. That so much of our population is okay with this is what hurts. He has made it okay for people to deride acceptance and inclusiveness as “political correctness.” This should tell you what you need to know about how he and the people who voted for him feel. Political correctness is used to express the belief  that we should avoid actions and language that seem to exclude, marginalize, and insult a group of people. Through this he has made people think that it’s acceptable to say crazy, racist, sexist, and xenophobic shit. He has made hatred okay. I can’t believe I have to say this, but this should not be okay.

I know people who voted for Trump. They seem proud of that. Sure, the candidate they wanted won. I truly hope they get what they expected instead of the nothing or more of the same that is so common once those political promises hit reality. Or, worst case, chaos, heartbreak, and bloodshed. Though, I’m not entirely sure that isn’t what they want. Someone should come out of this mess happy, after all. Right? Well, let me get started by giving you what it seems that you want – lack of kindness and acceptance. I hate you. I hate you because it seems clear that you either hate me and the people I love or are okay with other people hating people like me and people I love.