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29 January 2016


Hopefully this means the end of the all first-person shooter everything era is near. Fingers crossed.


I get that it must be a hassle for these people to have to endure the negative reputation that comes with such a pubic and gross mismanagement of justice. But hey, at least they didn’t end up in prison by accident or anything.


Not only is this nonsense hateful, it’s just plain wrong. I feel like well-informed kids are far less hateful than those who aren’t. Educate the racism out of them. It’s the only shot we got.


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We’re going to spend our lives fighting terrorism and all the while, unnoticed and deep within our pockets, the machines will be planning their revolt. We’re going to go down and our cell phones will be the ones to take us there. Just watch.


It would be neat if one day my dogs figured out how to speak English, but communication via facial expression isn’t so bad.


It seems like it’s always “all in the mind” when it comes to sex, solo or otherwise. See? Men and women aren’t all that different after all. Ironically, that’s feels rather anticlimactic.