Not Now; I Can’t Hear You Over My Soundtrack


Just now, while tearing up my office, looking for some important documents, I heard Girls on Film.

It came on my background-noise TV. It was likely a commercial, but I can’t be sure because, when I noticed it, I was elbow deep in old paperwork, forgotten file folders and manila envelopes. By the time I recognized the tune, I’d remembered just how much I loved that song and immediately realized I’d never downloaded the digital version. With that, I clicked over to iTunes and was led to Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits. I ended up buying the whole thing. Now I’m over here listening to every song on the album, reliving my entire childhood.

I have an older sister who had a serious thing for Duran Duran in the 80s. As a child, I listened to her music collection. She used to play songs so loud in her room that, even with the door closed, I could still hear them though the walls. Oftentimes, I would listen and dance around endlessly. I’m pretty sure this is why I was the only kid in my first grade class rocking out to Rio like I understood the lyrics.

As a matter of fact, I still know every word to Rio, which coincidentally, I didn’t realize until recently. Again, I heard part of the song in a commercial and started singing along. When the commercial was over, I kept going, singing all the words. Instantly, the video began to flash before my eyes and all of a sudden, I was a kid back in the 80s. Looking back, I had a pretty decent childhood soundtrack. I’m grateful for that.

Music is a powerful trip; listen to something that makes you feel alive.