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09 December 2015

Life is a twisted bitch and this is evidence of that.

Well, crap. I liked the word because I heard it in a movie once and never took any of this into account. Ugh, people ruin everything.

That’s right. They just now decided they should keep track of the people that police end up killing in the line of duty. Don’t let the wording confuse you. There was no national database of people killed by police. I know because when Ferguson happened, I went looking for one. Police officers don’t even have to follow the same procedures when they report stuff. Nothing is standardized to that degree, not nationally. We live in a big-ass country, guys.

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So calm it the hell down, islamophobic, radical Christians. You people scare me the way a brown face must scare you. Do the rest of us a favor? Kindly tuck your crazy back in and move it along. You people are ruining Christmas.

Any word on why this is not considered domestic terrorism? Anybody?

You know, this sort of thing really does make one wonder about Trump. The Donald would make for a really great bait and switch story, that’s for sure. I kind of wish that were true because what he says is so utterly vile.