Holly’s Story


I have this one friend who is pretty great. We’re not as close as we once were, but she’s one of the good ones. She’s the kind of person who is always willing to help out. If you need a favor, she’ll answer the phone when you call. If you need advice, she’ll be there to talk it out. If you need someone to watch scary movies with, she’ll bring the popcorn. If you need someone to sit quietly alongside you while you sob uncontrollably, she’s got your back. See what I mean? She’s the kind of friend you hang on to because she’s got a huge heart.

She sounds unreal, almost fictional, but all that stuff’s true. She shines when times get tough because she knows what it means to give without expecting a damn thing in return. Holly’s done the right thing, the good thing and the noble thing more often than most anyone I know. No matter how much time passes or how far away I move, I’ll always count her among my friends because she is what friends are all about. Like I said, she’s one of the good ones and this time it’s her that could use a little help.

All I’m asking is that you read Holly’s story below and consider giving her a hand. I know you don’t know her, but life is kicking her in the teeth while she’s down and I’m positive you know what that feels like. Any little bit you can spare will be going to help one of the most deserving folks you’ll ever hear about. And so, while you’re thinking about what you’re thankful for this year, think about giving a genuinely good person a reason to smile and be grateful again.


Holly’s Story

My name is Holly Groshon. I am 38 years young.  Up until a few months ago life was great. I have a job I’ve worked at for almost 12 years (which gave me the opportunity to travel). My second job, pet sitting, filled my heart with my love of animals. I cared for my aging mother and also my Grandmother, and my 2 fur babies. I was the main bread winner and caretaker. All of this changed over the past 3 months

In mid-August I came down with what I thought was the flu. Within 1 week I was admitted to the hospital. During that time I lost all use of my lower body. It took a great team of doctors and many, many tests to finally discover I had a rare acute attack of Transverse Myelitis also known as TM. TM is categorized as a spinal cord injury and in severe cases like mine can cause paralysis. Once discovered, the doctors went to work finding the correct medications. I had to have a blood plasma wash to stop the damage from spreading. Despite all of the treatment, my legs did not return. I could wiggle my toes but did not feel them. After the doctors did all they could I was transferred to a sub-acute rehabilitation center in order to build my upper body strength and try to get me to stand.  

I worked hard at the rehabilitation center and did make some progress, but became ill due to improper care of my catheter. I was rushed back to the hospital and spent 3 days in ICU. I was informed that my blood was septic from a urinary infection. I fought hard and I pulled through. The setback was devastating and once the infection was out of my system it left me still unable to move my lower body or feel any body functions in addition to a new pain.  This new pain is horrible spasms just above the paralyzed area. The spasms come in waves and they are unbearable at times. Because TM is so rare and after checking everything in that area it is believed I will have this pain forever.

I continue to work hard as ever at an inpatient rehab facility located in the hospital. I work every day on increasing my upper body strength, learn spinal cord injury techniques, increase my stamina and balance. I hope to one day stand and maybe even walk but the doctors can’t say 100 % if I will be able to. I hope that maybe in 2 to 3 years’ time I can walk with a walker.

To sum it all up, I have been in the hospital now since Aug 24 2015, and today is Nov 23 2015. The therapists and doctors are shooting to get me home by Dec 2 2015, however I need specialized equipment in order to discharge safely. Most of the equipment is not covered by my insurance and I will have to pay 20 % of my hospital bill. We are not sure if the special medication I am on will be covered by insurance either.  Here is a list of what I must have in order for me to manage at home with my Mother’s help

  1. Sabina Lift machine ($4,000)
  2. Special rotating tub transfer bench ($250.00)
  3. A specialized wheelchair ($2000-3000)
  4. Hospital bed with added bed rails
  5. Other medical equipment
  6. Structural modifications to my house
  7. Special wheel chair transportation
  8. Long term therapy.

I am sure I am leaving some things out, this is all so overwhelming and I have never reached out for help so this is not coming easy to me. I have always been the one to give to others. But I find myself in need of help.

If you can find it in your heart to help I promise I will work so hard and prove that I can still live my life despite this disease. I hope to one day use my experience to help others who suffer from similar illness. Please share my story check my page often I will update God Bless each of you in advance for anything that you do whether it be to donate or to share or to just pray for me and my mother and my Gran.

Click this link to help Holly walk again: Holly Groshon’s gofundme page