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23 October 2015

What the hell is wrong with those of you abusing marijuana? What did weed ever do to hurt you? Stop it. Stop it now, you ungrateful oaf. Weed is not the enemy. Respect it and it will respect you. Also, put down that bowl and maybe clear some emails out of your in-box, tick something off your to-do list, or go outside for a walk. Don’t feed into the stereotypes.

Yep. Just as women in the world would rather not belive we’re still lagging far behind our male counterparts simply for having different reproductive organs. Reality is a bitch.

I’m probably the only science nerd who doesn’t believes everything can be scientifically or mathematically explained. It’s a good thing I’ve gotten used to standing alone.

Image Source: IMDb via Slate

Image Source: IMDb via Slate

At least they weren’t the ones running the show in this instance. I suppose they’ve got that going for them. Maybe the Duggar clan should get Bill Cosby on the line and ask him how he handled this sort of thing for so long without the world turning on him. Just kidding; it’s far to late for that. Here’s to hoping they opt for obscurity instead. Hopefully folks take the victims in this case seriously, instead of dismissing them like they did in Cosby and Duggar’s cases.

It’s an uncomfortable read, yeah. You should still read it.

No. I don’t think you have to be a bonafide idiot and science-denier to believe in a higher power. I never thought formal research and I would be on the same page regarding those thoughts. Color me surprised and intrigued, but mostly surprised.