Grim Truth


Earlier today, I was trying to put together a News Links post and failed miserably. It might be a tad more accurate to say that I was overcome with insanity and simply could not go on. In actuality, I was overwhelmed with posts about how Beyoncé is a tyrant  because she told her assistant to stop assisting her for a minute. Seeing so many of said posts, made my head hurt and I could not go on.

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Yes. You read that right. Everybody on the Internet has an opinion on Bey’s (Is that what we’re supposed to be calling her?) two-word directive. Hours later, it’s still all over my social media & news feeds. Yes. You also read that correctly. I did, in fact, say news outlets. It’s true. People don’t give a damn about voting (It’s useless!), politics (It’s all Greek to me!), women’s rights (Oh hush up you crazy feminiazi!), but everybody has an opinion on how this singer spoke to her employee.

Whilst grappling with the putrid state of my news feeds–the indifference the general populous feels towards shit that matters and the global obsession with trivial crap celebrities say–I came across yet another technically unimportant bit of “news.”

Image Source: Jason Laveris via Mashable

Image Source: Jason Laveris via Mashable

When I read the above post, I felt surprised, but that emotion soon subsided. As someone who’s been near death before, I can say with certainty that the experience has a tendency to alter what one deems important. You’d be surprised how quickly love and forgiveness bubble to the top of the list. With that in mind, I thought, “Good for them.” Then I clicked over to the comments to see what the rest of the Internet was making of this latest development.

It wasn’t pretty. I had to duck the moment I got in there because folks were throwing around insults like ninja stars. It was a sad display, as most online comment sections tend to be. Instead of adding my opinion there and getting caught in the crossfire, I decided to share the link on Facebook along with a little color commentary.

After banging out a rambling, semi-coherent comment on my dirty little keyboard, I decided against sharing the link. I realized I’d just be perpetuating this cycle of obsessing about inconsequential non-news and then getting mad at the world for not caring about important crap. I didn’t want that, so I quickly deleted what I’d written. My opinions, however, refused to stop shouting at me from inside my head. Instead of letting those thoughts drive me into the Yellow Wallpaper, I decided to turn them into a Daily Truth post, in the form of an open letter.

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Dear vicious insulters of the rekindled romance between two people we don’t know and will likely never meet,

The dude was near death. Brushing up against the Grim Reaper has a profound effect on everything you hold true. Furthermore, if you should ever find yourself in imminent danger of dying, weird shit will inevitably pop into your mind and become markedly important. Priorities will shift. Your perspective will broaden. Things you used to think were critical will become unimportant in an instant.

If someone ODing in a brothel is what it took to bring these two people back together, so be it. Crazier and more impactful shit has happened and is happening. Need I remind you of how well Donald Trump is doing in the polls?

Look, life is a mirage and we should all be doing what we need in order to make it feel real. Instead of spewing your hate, tuck it back into your pants and save it for something that matters.

Kind Regards,

Jane “The Undead” Smith