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05 October 2015

How much longer are we going to keep up this charade? I think we can all agree that there are a lot of problems on this planet we call home, but weed is not one of them. Weed is not the enemy.

People didn’t take too kindly to Jennifer Aniston’s Emirates Air commercial, which is weird because we all complain about modern air travel. All of us have horror stories. All of us want to be more comfortable. All Aniston did was allude to the fact that US airlines are far from superior. Good on her. Now, how many internal organs will I need to sell so I can get a premium class ticket on Emirates?

Agreed. I will never understand the progressive’s obsession with the Pope. He is, after all, still the Pope of the Catholic Church. There isn’t enough cool factor to cancel that out unless the man starts turning water into wine.


Image Source: Germine et al via EurekAlert!

Image Source: Germine et al via EurekAlert!

It’s exciting and scary how differently we each see the world and everything in it. I used to think it was mostly exciting, but I’ve become more of a realist in my old age.

But you, on the other hand, most likely can’t even sit on your front porch and smoke a joint because what would the neighbors say?

Truth that hurts like a Monday: