Image Source: Aaron Yost/Roseburg News-Review, via Associated Press

Image Source: Aaron Yost/Roseburg News-Review, via Associated Press

Are we done yet? Is this enough? Are the armed enthusiasts ready to give a little so the rest of us can quit thinking we’re going to get shot every time we leave the house?

I get it. A lot of you like your guns. That’s great. I like movies. We should all have special interests and hobbies; it makes for a healthy brain. You know what doesn’t make for a healthy brain? A bullet in the head.

There are simply too many bullets flying around outside now to ignore our miserable gun laws. You want guns for sport? Great. Have them! Be inextricably linked to them so they’re harder to steal and use for criminal activity. You want a cabinet full of weapons? Cool. Take in-depth classes that require you to keep your skills sharp like the day you bought them. If you love your guns so much, work to keep them. Give a little.

This is not about red or blue anymore. This is not about right or left. This is now life or death. That’s not hyperbole, that’s fact. It’s a fact and it’s bullshit.

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Look Gun Lovers, we have tried it your way. It has been your way for some time, and as we can see in the chart above, that didn’t stop the dots from popping up on the timeline. Guns for everyone didn’t make our schools safer. Guns for all didn’t make churches safer. And, guns everywhere didn’t make going to the movies any safer, either.

Can we stand together as a nation and say enough is enough now? No? Am I being naïve? Oops, my bad. How many more mass shootings do you think we need on the books before Gun Lovers and law makers will consider a change in policy? Is fifteen enough? Would it make a difference if animals were getting shot up too? Would that speed up the decision making process? Maybe we should start shooting up babies, you know, like infants since the tiny lives lost at Sandy Hook didn’t seem to make enough of an impact.

I know. I sound crazy, but then, so do those of you who won’t budge on gun policy. It is time for a change. Admit it. We’ve got a problem.

Update: Less than 24 Hours Later…

Less than 24 hours ago I posted the above and asked what it would take to make a change. I asked how many more shootings. I asked if actual infants needed to die for us to stop bickering and do something. Well, an infant has died. Six-month old Aavielle Wakefield died, struck by a stray bullet while riding in the car with her mom. Less than 24 hours later. Enough.