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17 September 2015

Nicole Arbour is still convinced she’s funny. The rest of the world is not. Also, why does she keep using the word “satire” to describe her fat-shaming video? Someone get this chick a dictionary quick or there will be no stopping the Inigo Montoya memes.


For an actual example of satire as it relates to the obesity problem in the United States, let’s go to The Onion, shall we?

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Crap. I’m never going to leave my house again, am I? By the look in Colin Firth’s eyes in that picture, the answer to that question is a resounding no.

Woah. What intolerant, hateful neighbors. I hope they lose every sad bit of money they invested in legal fees and pitchforks. What awful people. That boy deserves better neighbors, and I’m glad he moved. I hope these greedy folks are shut the hell down.

Image Source: Jerrod Arnold via Psychology Today

Image Source: Jerrod Arnold via Psychology Today

I’d be willing to bet big money that “there is a lot of illness and depression…because of exhaustion” across the board. Anecdotally speaking, I’ve never worked in an office where there wasn’t someone whose job seemed to be killing them, literally. I believe there was also a time when I was that person. BRB. Gonna go shudder into eternity.

I dunno, guys. All this primping and prepping just comes off as softcore worshipping. It also seems contrary to all the teachings of the Bible and Jesus and all that. As a recovering Catholic, I’m sure I’m wrong, but that doesn’t make this stuff look any less contradictory.

No good shall come of this.