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30 July 2015

For all those that have problems with the Black Lives Matter hash tag, here’s the co-creator of the network. She’s dispelling myths and explaining the goals of the movement. If you’re unsure about the hash tag, the movement or the goals behind the slogan, please watch. Be informed; don’t just accept your news as truth. Do your research. Know your reasons and strengthen your argument.

I hope the justice system proves to all of us that cops who lie are not good cops.

I don’t understand why use of this tool isn’t mandatory. So it’s inconvenient and time consuming to input all the information, so what? A lot of the crap people do all day long meets those requirements, yet we do it because it’s part of doing the job well. Oh and if that doesn’t demonstrate how lightly people take rape, I don’t know what does.


Image Source: Jef Poskanzer via Flickr

Image Source: Jef Poskanzer via Flickr

I worked at a fast food restaurant once. I shoveled so much crap at that job, I can’t even being to tell you. It was the worst and I hope that I never have to do it again, ever. The people that work at these joints deserve 15 dollars an hour, no doubt about it. Trust me. This is the part of the movie where the rest of us take one for the team, guys. Think long term, big picture, whatever cliché works best for you, just think about it. Don’t worry, I can feel you looking at your screen in disgust, I feel you shaking your head at me. Give it a minute, it’ll pass. When it does, think about it.

It’s interesting then how greatly we change when we hit high school. Those four years have one serious butterfly effect.

Walkability is the main reason I refuse to leave downtown, no matter how much the folks in the prettier suburbs bash it. One strip of a few blocks of storefronts does not a downtown make. I’m sorry, but thems the East Coast rules which I refuse to abandon.