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03 August 2015

No. People don’t need to be appreciative of a compliment, which they weren’t asking for, didn’t want and don’t like. GTFO of here with that nonsense and while you’re at it, quit telling women to smile. I save the smiles for the good times and the laughter that punctuate my daily existence, not for strangers that demand that I respond to their presence with appreciation. Hint to people giving out compliments to unsuspecting victims (hell yes I said victims), no one gives a fuck what you think. No one cares if you like their hair, feet, toes, outfit, face, body, ass, tits, etc. and your oblivious nature just makes you and your unwanted advances even more unattractive.

I realize that airlines haven’t passed on all the savings to consumers, but to be honest, I didn’t think they’d lower prices significantly to begin with. If only we could find a way to keep air fares lower for good, you know, like renewable energy.

Darren Wilson says, “I am really simple in the way that I look at life. What happened to my great-grandfather is not happening to me. I can’t base my actions off what happened to him.” While that mentality is commendable to a point, it’s doesn’t feel sincere. I suppose it doesn’t even matter if that sentiment is sincere or not. The fact is, what happened in the past still happens today and police officers like Darren Wilson are part of the reason why.

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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Don’t let the outrage muddle your memory. “This round of attacks [against Planned Parenthood]aims squarely at the collection of fetal tissue, an issue that had been mostly settled—with broad bipartisan support—in the early 1990s. Among those who voted to allow federal funding for fetal tissue research was Senator Mitch McConnell, now the majority leader.” I’ll give you a minute or two to put that factoid in your conservative pipes and smoke it. While you’re at it, sprinkle some weed on there and you just might feel better about the whole damn thing.

If killing a child (because a 16 year-old is still a goddamn child) is OK, but being gay is an insurmountable sin, then maybe your religion is the problem.

Corruption and impunity are far dirtier words than any four-letter expletive I can throw out at you.