Why Are Women Whores?





It sounds bad, I know.  It’s OK though, because I really want to know.  I’m genuinely interested.  Why are women whores?

I know why men have to sow their wild oats, but women; they don’t have any wild oats to sow, right? I mean, I’ve never heard of female wild oats.  If I ever had some, I don’t know where they went because I don’t know what they look like.  Wild oats are almost exclusively used to describe something men must sort, so I suppose I have always deemed ‘wild oats’ to be an exclusively male accessory.

Men: they’re uninhibited characters.  They’re lively, opinionated, passionate and intriguing.  There’s no way a being that encompasses all these traits could be a chaste and meek, little thing. Men exist to experience life.  Men are encouraged to taste the fruit of many knowledgeable trees. This journey toward wisdom should guide them in and out of numerous romantic encounters. That is, to know love, a man must experience it completely, n’est-ce pa?

Of course! A man is made to be free and to be free is to choose to know of much & many.

the dude

First of all, if you read that and thought, “this chick KNOWS what’s up,” just click away now.  Clearly, the thought of sarcasm is too much to handle this day and you, Young Grasshopper, are not ready for my Matrix.

Seriously… click away.

…Now that the riff raff’s gone, we can talk freely, you & me.

All the sophisticated adults in the room can surely agree that most of the above is true for a good deal of human beings, male or female.  That is to say, freedom is the human right of electing to do or opting out of something.  To be truly free however, one should also feel open to the possibility of choosing not to partake in a personal sexual revolution. What I am inferring is that we are all also free to opt out of sex thereby liberating our lives of the complications that physical pleasure can sometimes conjure.

The inverse is also intrinsically true then. Opting into a personal sexual revolution is nothing more than one of the many potential outcomes of life. A person’s choice to partake (even excessively) or refrain is simply a choice and should be respected either way.

Right, I suppose that might be the case if we some how managed to stumble into a utopian nation during the time you spent reading these last few paragraphs.

Paradise concept.

However, seeing as we live in this here world, where a woman still makes less money than a man on average , we’ll instead ponder why Society thinks a woman owes it to anyone to be a goddamn thing.

To further explain, as a woman, I can tell you with certainty that we’re all held up to impossible standards of beauty.  Standards that are so ludicrous, they don’t exist in human nature.  The world wants women to be beautiful, nurturing, supportive, empathetic, strong, optimistic, independent and a good team player, alluring, but not overtly sexy.  The world, it seems, wants us to be a lot of things.

Hell, a man will be quick to tell you that they want a lady in the street and some derivative of a ‘whore’ between the sheets. What men and the world seem to want, is to build a life with and animalistically fuck, a woman with multiple personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.


I like how Society can pressure me to be so many things that I’m increasing my chances of dying from spontaneous human combustion as I type, due to the stress.  And by like, I mean it infuriates me to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m bursting a blood vessel in my eye, right now, thinking about it.




Society, you fucks….


You’ve been pretty shitty to us for quite some time.  I know it’s cliché for a woman to dredge up every single time you screwed her over during a fight, but I don’t care.  The ability to recall important facts with accuracy makes me smart, not a nag so you can suck it on that one.

Lets think back to the early years, when ‘a woman’s place’ in this society was beginning to develop at a more rapid pace.  Let’s reflect on exactly how far us ladies have come.

Society didn’t deem women capable of harnessing enough information in their fragile skulls to vote until 1893.  No one bothered to count us as actual workers or take our safety and working conditions into account until 1920. Birth control information was considered obscene by the federal government until 1936. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) didn’t decide to approve birth control pills until 1960.  The Supreme Court didn’t guarantee a woman’s right to obtain a safe and legal abortion until 1973. It wasn’t declared illegal to rape your wife until 1976.  Employers could legally elect not to hire us based on the fact that we were pregnant, up until 1978.  A women’s legal right to abortion was reaffirmed as recently as 1992, meaning we are still in danger of having our rights compromised at all times.

Additionally, those dates seem awfully recent, if you ask me.   Taking into consideration that white men have always had all of their rights well documented and protected, these dates seem increasingly recent indeed.

And while yes, we live in a world where women have come a long way, baby;

you've come a long way baby

we also live in a world where:

…This happens fairly regularly: Video depicts teens laughing about alleged sexual assault victim: “She is so raped right now”

…A U.S. Representative can make the following statement:“It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

…And then another congressional asshole (and former medical professional) has the nerve to back him, publicly!

…And where this girl has to hold up a sign to underscore how hypocritical we are when it comes to women’s rights (even when those rights include granting access to her own body).

I dare you

Finally, we live in a world where this news article popped in as I was writing up this very post:

Fox News Host Doesn’t Think Campus Rape Is a Real Problem. His Co-Hosts Think There’s Only One Real Solution.

You’ve treated us like shit, Society and you continue to hold us back.  We’re the goddamn propagators of the human race and you treat us like second-class citizens.  Fuck you uncomfortably hard; women don’t owe you shit.

As women we’re going to be whatever we choose and we are going to do it like a boss.  Eventually, us ladies will figure out that backing one another can only help our cause.


Furthermore, one glorious day we’ll stop reenacting scenes from Mean Girls for sport and slut-shaming for lack of something better to do.

With hope and luck, one day women will communally bask in the glory of the power that being female entails.

Lastly, to the gents I ask:

What makes you so different from me?

You know what?  It’s whatever bro.

Penis / vagina…

Men can pee standing up, women can grow human beings, potato / po-tah-toe. We’ve all got our talents, I suppose. More importantly, we’re all human beings so what does it matter?

i see everything




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  1. It seems like I’m always coming across stories of older women sleeping with under age males. What is never brought out is why these women do it? Are these women mental or are women now and days just freaks? Maybe women have always been aggressive, but back in the days (before jumping off the chain) women had tradition. I would say back in the days where better days. Women were actually women back then; the kind of women I man would want to marry, muff dive on and spend the rest of his life with.

    Women now are lovers of money, the “lime light” and self. What’s even more puzzling than a woman’s behavior is their way of thinking. This world has somehow convinced women that being a booty is the way to go. This world has convinced women that the good man is really the bad man and the “good for nothing” man is the good guy; or worst, that some men aren’t men because of ridiculous reasons.

    You can see the results of “bad apples” having “bad apples”, just watch the news. In fact, the news, movies, books, the internet and reality shows are amongst the top contributors of mental garbage gullible people absorb every day. It’s no surprise why men seem to be turning away from women some now. More men are starting relationships with other men rather than a woman. Even dogs and cats are getting more real love from men than women.

    Continue reading: http://pmme2.info.tm/blogs/matt/society/Women%20in%20America%20are%20Walking%20Booties/fpkfbdb1uv1311.html

    1. Dude, if you wanted me to link to your blog you could have used the email listed in the Contact Us section instead of hijacking my comment space.

      Know this,