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07 July 2014

I’ve seen one bullfight in my lifetime and it will be the only one. I was actually beyond excited to go as I’d heard all the stories of the magnificent matadors and their grace and skill from my family. After I got there and saw exactly how the matador disarms the bull so that he/she can display their talents, I wanted to leave. I couldn’t leave and I was forced to watch the entire thing. I will never do that again. While a traditional bullfight is a dramatic and marvelous display of a matador’s skills, it’s also a morbid reminder that we see animals lives as less valuable than our own. If dog fights and puppy mills are seen by most as barbaric, why not this? Because it’s tradition? Oh and for the record: Normally I think PETA are a bunch of psychos that go entirely too far by killing innocent animals. Today, I’m finding myself in agreement and that horrifies me, ergo why I shared this with y’all. Carry on. (Note: these activists are protesting the bullfighting tradition and not specifically the running of the bulls. Their demonstration took place in Pamplona, Spain where they usually run the bulls, but this headline is still misleading.)


It’s going to take more than an apology to make up for ignoring Reddit’s support system. You can’t run that show without the moderators and ignoring their pleas for the basic tools they need to do their jobs effectively, cannot be fixed with an apology / statement. It will only be remedied by demonstrating that Reddit leadership (Pao & co) has recognized the pivotal role the moderators play in their day-to-day operations. Reddit simply cannot function without its moderators and they have effectively proved this to all of us. Cheers to them, but this war is far from over.


Image Source: Plaid Zebra

Image Source: Plaid Zebra

Grow some balls and be a better person. It’s not awesome to insult other people. It doesn’t make you look good, or smart, or clever. It makes you look like an asshole, even on the Internet. The days of the angry, mean and biting Internet are numbered, it is not the 90s and it’s time to grow the fuck up and treat people like human beings. Let’s get started, shall we?

That’s a really good question to ask every last person who stood by the Cos after so many women accused him of drugging and raping them. I want to know what drove that disbelief too.

I’m not even gonna lie y’all, I’ll be trying this later.