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Florida State QB De’Andre Johnson Caught Punching Woman –

The Daily Beast says this about the physical encounter:

Video released by the Florida State’s Attorney Office on Monday shows Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a woman in the face at a Tallahassee bar during an argument on June 24. In the video, the two are seen scuffling and the woman strikes Johnson in the face before he practically knocks her out.

(For a the extended version of the video, click this link)

In reality:

It looks more like this woman and Johnson lunged simultaneously when they saw a space open up at the bar.  Ultimately, they displace two other people attempting to win the right to stand closest to the bartender. As the woman bellies up to the bar in triumph, she gives Johnson something of a “sorry not sorry” look. At this point, she seems to have decided she needed more space and pushes Johnson farther down. He attempts to keep at least one hand (his right) on the bar, so as to preserve the spot he’d already pushed his way into. The woman then nullifies any attempt he makes to save said spot by nudging him away with her feet, legs and hips.

Johnson, fed up with the woman’s tenacity, turns to confront her while attempting to push her back out of his space. That’s when the woman threatens Johnson with a raised right fist, which Johnson grabs and holds. While he’s restraining the woman, she fights back and throws a left-handed punch. Johnson then responds with a right of his own. The woman almost goes down, but doesn’t. Turns out, she can take a punch better than any of us thought she could. Don’t lie.

It should go without saying, but I’mma say it anyway because this is today’s Blow-by-Blow Truth:

Unless it’s life or death, it’s never OK to hit another person.

Image Source: Giphy

Image Source: Giphy

Furthermore, if you so much as threaten to hit someone, you better do it expecting to be hit back, even if you’re a woman because you just never know—thems the rules. Lastly, please keep in mind that I did not write the rules. I merely proclaim them for your benefit and safety in much the same way Tupac spread the Thug Life Code.

While Johnson is indeed an asshole  for hitting this woman, she’s at fault too.  Sure he grabbed her arm, but she used it to threaten him first. What was she supposed to do, you ask? Give up the space and find another. Life’s too short to nurse the wounds inflicted by a man so sad, angry and conflicted that he would hit a woman over a spot at the bar.



  1. I think she pretty much asked for it. This video is classic “white privilege ” in action. Why else would she think that it’s going to be ok to threaten and kick this black man that’s bigger than here without fear of repercussions. When I’m at a bar and this happens, I either ask one of the girls in front to order me a drink and I’ll buy theirs or move on. Shit escalates quickly in those trenches so you need to make the situation mutually beneficial.