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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

02 July 2014

Ha! Likely story. However, just yesterday on Facebook, I posted a link to an article about how a Volkswagen factory robot killed someone. Believe what you will, but never take your eyes off the robots. Never.

See what I mean? The machines cannot be trusted.

I had a friend once that drove using both feet and it horrified me. I’m not really sure why, but it did.

I discussed this with my husband and he and I are in agreement. It’s unfortunate her wedding did not play out the way she had intended, but tough titty. People died, lady. Those lives should be respected. Weddings get messed up for many reasons, and people don’t just turn around and ask for cash so they can get a do over. This was simply a reminder that life’s a bitch, honey. Lucky for you, none of your family members were killed in that “terrible tragedy” back in Charleston.

UPDATE: Since posting, the GoFundMe page has been taken down. Good call, girl.
My mom is going to be furious. Maybe I should lend her one of these adult coloring books I just ordered from Amazon. I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m sure you also know what they say about life being stranger than fiction.

Oh good. The lack of a solid line of accountability is what kept me from utilizing those services. Also, hopefully those folks doing the investigation don’t get jacked while they work.