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23 June 2015

It’s great that we’re all starting to recognize the deep-seeded racism associated with the origins of the rebel flag. I’m just genuinely shocked at how long it took that epiphany to play out. I understand the southern pride aspect, but I can’t accept the need to cling to a symbol, which so many interpret as personally dehumanizing.

A problem solver with a big heart can make a huge difference.

A ‘Pregnant Woman’ setting sounds like something Fox News would cook up.


Image Source: Techcrunch

Image Source: Techcrunch

I suppose the trick is finding the right combination of streaming services. Netflix alone won’t do. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu combined, are better, but then what about the sports? As soon as you figure it out, let me know. I’m itching to ditch cable again.

Nothing about the suspiciously illegal status of marijuana makes sense.

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