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19 June 2015

This is what it looks like when someone is so right it hurts.

I want to know too. What does anyone gain by refusing to accept this as a blatant act of domestic terrorism? Denial doesn’t solve shit. It didn’t work the last time or the time before that. It is officially time to level with Americans in an effort to evolve past this bullshit.

Thanks Google, maybe now the government will think seriously about outlawing revenge porn completely. The scum that thrives in the revenge porn industry needs to be shut down. Nothing about how they make money is just.


Image Source: Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

Image Source: Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

To be completely honest, the announcement that a woman would share the 10-dollar note with Alexander Hamilton felt quite a bit like a condescending pat on the head. After all, those of us who supported Women on 20s were looking for more than a consolation prize.

If what they’re really trying to do is crack down on fake celebrity profiles, why don’t they target them specifically? Anonymity isn’t the enemy, trolls are.

And because it’s the weekend, you should plan on getting some. Before you make those plans, learn some stuff by way of a documentary. Here are just a few that might be of use to you. Happy humping.