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11 June 2015

I understand the desire and need for privacy, but when your job puts the lives of others in your hands, there should be something a medical professional can do when they think you’re unfit to work.

Why don’t they just do it now and save everyone some time? They clearly don’t take marriage seriously if they’re just going to get a divorce the moment something doesn’t go their way.

The thought of the droves of individuals siding ferociously with the likes of Megyn Kelly, terrify me more than any messed up, Asian horror movie ever could.


Image Source: MoviePix

Image Source: Columbia Pictures via MoviePix

How much would it blow everyone’s mind if we did find a more advanced civilization out there and they were actually friendly and welcoming? We’d crap our pants and find a reason to blow them up, I bet. I hope we don’t, but I like to win when I gamble.

If Twitter turns into Facebook, all the good Twitter users will flee and then it’ll just be this sad relic of a good time people once had online, you know, like MySpace. Twitter’s inaccessibility is one of the things I rather enjoy about it. Maybe what they need to do is focus on ways to snag the right users instead of all of them.

No. For the love of God, no! Everything about this is stupid. How about stop traumatizing larger people for being bigger? I have a feeling that shit would work like gangbusters.