Fake Friday Truth


I know this one woman and she likes to talk.

Put your phones down. There’s no need to alert Captain Obvious.

Phone hang up
This woman likes to talk about one thing in particular, how “fake” other people are. I’ve walked into many a conversation to find Susan* gesturing wildly, discussing why she’s convinced a particular person should be declared fake by all. She’s loud, straightforward, makes a good argument and rarely hides her opinions. Susan lives out loud, tells it like it is and keeps it real.

Susan is also the most hypocritical and duplicitous person I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Nevertheless, Life being the evil genius that she is, I’ve crossed paths with many Susans. The one positive thing about dealing with people like Susan is that it makes it easier to identify and avoid them in the future. The Silver Linings Playbook is a little light when it comes to the chapter on hypocrites. What can I say?

Actually, now that I think about it, I can say this one thing:

None of us are fake. We’re all here and we’re all doing what we deem necessary to survive this shit-hole existence until the next time we catch a glimpse of something beautiful that restores our faith in time and serenity.

We all do what we must and charm who we need to get things done, to move things along, to get closer to someplace we want to be. You can call that being fake or you can call that living life. We’ve all had to fake sincerity and that alone doesn’t mean we’re not genuine. That alone means we’re simply human.

Tearing people down when they’re not around to defend themselves doesn’t qualify as keeping it real. Berating others and forcing your unflattering opinions about them, on them (in public) doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you tactless.

All our words carry weight, which ones weigh most isn’t up to us, but to whoever is listening. Perspective is the biggest bitch of all, my friends, because perspective liberates. Remember to get some.

*Her name is not Susan. (And in case the song still isn’t stuck in your head, here’s the video. I will not suffer alone.)

Happy Friday.


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