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27 May 2015

I’m tired of letting the trolls do and say what they will without acknowledging how idiotic their comments are. That’s why every now and again I like to challenge the thoughts that they spew online. I’m glad I’m not the only one, because it feels good to have JK Rowling on Team Troll Takedown.

Every time I’m about to lose faith in the world something fantastic happens that makes me reconsider hope.

I have a split personality. I am meticulous about business emails and I have hundreds of unread emails in my personal in-box. How about you?


Image Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images via NPR

Image Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images via NPR

Does he not understand that those people he is referencing (in his anecdotal examples) were not forced to have ultrasounds? Additionally, these folks were not forced to share them with anyone else; they did so of their own volition. To assume that women are too simple-minded to understand the science behind what they’re actually doing when they have abortions, is to belittle their intelligence as well as their capacity for empathy. That last bit is as much a slap in the face as anything else, considering just how little empathy our current, male-dominated, and male established society displays at any given time.

We have so many things that link us to one another and yet we continue to focus on what makes us different. Maybe it’s time to shift perspective, y’all.

Letting people who are in love marry is a defeat for humanity? Nah, I’m going to say that church officials covering up pedophilia within the Catholic Church feels more like defeat. Grains of salt, y’all.