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07 May 2015

Wait. So, is he still a traitor even if he was right?


Still think it’s all OK as long as it keeps us safe?

I used to be one of those people that said they’d never register their fingerprint on their mobile device. I didn’t want my prints on file anywhere, much less a phone that listens to me when I think I’m alone. Nevertheless, my paranoid ass gave in. Soon all our phones will know more about our biometrics than our doctors and I still find that terrifying.


Image Source: C2C Journal

Image Source: C2C Journal

How is it that prostitution is illegal (even when those selling are doing so willingly), but charging people who are selling sex with a completely different crime is totally fine? I guess it’s cool to use sex to sell as long as what’s selling are products and services which make the rich richer. Sex isn’t evil, but manipulation like this sure feels like it is. Get it together, Hawaii.

“We need to do all we can,” says Crane Independent School District, Jim Rumage. Well, everything except actually give the kids the sexual education they so clearly need. Anyone who wants to withhold basic information from you is not your friend. Know this.

The people of Mexico need these because I can still clearly recall the time my friends and I got pulled over in Huamantala for no reason. We were partying hard, but had a designated driver. Sadly we knew this didn’t matter. We understood that we were being pulled over because the cop wanted cash from us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any and so we started sweating bullets. No cash means intimidation and intimidation usually means holding cells, cuffs or violence. And so, the moment the crooked cop turned his back on us, we floored it and got the hell out of dodge. We drove more recklessly to get away from the “police” than we would have otherwise. I hate crooked cops.