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4 May 2015

Goes to show ya how little I knew about Ebola. I had no idea the disease could survive in semen and be transmitted sexually at all. Man, the people of Africa can’t seem to catch a break.

Beards are sexy, they’re hot and they’re on their way out. Feel free to quote me: This study marks the end of the modern beard era. Now that beards have been linked to poop, it can never be undone. Unless you’re into scat, the thought of a poop-laced beard will likely suffocate your lady/regular boner until it’s dead. I’m sorry.


In case you were unsure, police brutality knows no borders and respects no race, color or creed. What it does know is how to shirk accountability while simultaneously abusing power.


Image Source: Christie Hemm Klok via Wired

Image Source: Christie Hemm Klok via Wired

It’s pretty sad that the only way to get a kid a proper education is to sell organs on the black market and pay upwards of 20k a year to get them into a private school that cares about stuff outside of standardized testing. Why has education become such a non-priority in the U.S.? We still value Ivy League degrees above all else and yet public school education just keeps declining in quality. Then on top of all that, we don’t really want to pay teachers a whole lot while still expecting them to make miracles. When did everything become so backward? Did the movies Stand and DeliverDangerous Minds teach us nothing?!

Speaking of education and the almighty dollar, what happens to all those people who paid for degrees that are now useless? Don’t they, at the very least, deserve refunds? I mean, if we’re treating their educations like a packaged product, then they need a full refund because they got defective merchandise from the start.

Everybody wants to live in a better world, but very few will ever do a damn thing to improve on this place. Here’s the story of one girl who did. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity today, Savannah!