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23 April 2015

Calm down. Don’t let the word God scare you. Redefining the definition of the God concept is long overdue and this is a compelling blog post from a source who has special insight into the literal inner workings of our universe; don’t discount it.

Somebody’s lack of attention to detail probably gave this girl PTSD.

I was sketched out by the idea of giving a complete stranger access to my car trunk for about half a second. Then I realized how many strangers I’ve tossed my keys to when parking in a public garage, so got over it.


Image Source: Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund via NPR

Image Source: Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund via NPR

LOL. The DMV was like, “We don’t need IDs with photos that accurately represent the person the license has been officially issued to, nah. We’ve got rules about things like that.” I’m glad the justice system just talked some sense into them. See? Sometimes there is good news.

I’m starting to think that perception is way more of a bitch than karma. I guess if communication were easy, there would be no wars. JK, as long as there is money to be made off them, there will be wars.

The science of sleep and virtual reality it seems.