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15 April 2015

Wait. Stunned? Why? Did this man not execute another human being?


Ever feel like you just want to up and stab yourself in the eye with something rusty? No? Well here you go then:


These women have no business being in jail. They deserve justice and their rapists deserve to be tried. And I’m not just saying that as a feminist, I’m saying that as a human being. How is this just?


Image Source: Above Top Secret

Image Source: Above Top Secret

Well, I can’t say that the man doesn’t have a point, but I’m unsure if this was an effective use of postage. I would have just gotten $250 worth of Forever Stamps. Them things is like gold.

Agreed. And CEOs and staff officers shouldn’t be the only folks allowed to benefit from a system that allows them to leave the office at a decent hour (i.e. before 7 PM) and not catch any flack for remembering to live some of their lives with their families.

Hrm, I wonder what that could mean…