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01 April 2015

This is what an entitled power trip looks like, in case you’re wondering.

And this, this is what low-life scum looks like. We really need to get it together in good ol’ SJ. We’re giving the folks in SF and all along the peninsula way too many reasons to keep making us the butt of their jokes.

I’ve wondered this many times myself, looking out into the ocean from the beaches just off the Pacific Coast Highway, but I guess that goes to show how little I really know about sustainability. What good is desalination if it’s going to negatively affect our oceans, cost billions and leave an enormous carbon footprint in its wake? What’s more frightening is that we’re almost at a point where it doesn’t matter because the options are withering away.

Image Source: Panoply via Wired

Image Source: Panoply via Wired

I think we should give people more credit. A lot of us have hearts, some of us souls and believe it or not, some even have both. The mean and angry Internet of yore is fading incredibly slowly, but surely. I know that sounds like wishful thinking, but I’ve been here since the 90s, observing and interacting. There’s change afoot and it smells a little something like compassion. Good people that want to help, exist and they’re online too. Sure, they go unheard most of the time, but with an app that’s designed to connect them to the right folks and put their experiences to good use, anything could happen. I’m rooting for Rick Morris and Panoply, because we could all use a little help sometimes and help often comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

See what I mean? There is good online, even on Twitter. All hope is not lost, y’all.

Hrm, what about those of us that never forgot how to play? I bet that’s our problem. Either way, I want one of these coloring books.