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19 March 2015

I should hope so because they were the only people that seemed concerned with pushing back the extremist group for quite some time. I hope you can feel me side-eying you right now, Nigerian government officials because I so am. How long exactly did it take you to act after those 200 girls were first taken? As far as Boko Haram goes, four months is a long time to have control over an entire town, right? In order for the people of Damask to properly celebrate their newfound liberation, we—as proper Americans—should all chip in and send the town leaders a bouquet of Freedom Eagles. Whaddya say?

Information such as this should be made public by law. If what’s being debated is transparency in police matters such as police related deaths of unarmed civilians, why conceal the secret documents? I’d say this just adds insult to injury, but Eric Garner wasn’t just hurt, he was killed.

This is what it looks like when Mother Nature turns on ya. Regardless, I still love living in California, but I would love it even more if it rained.


Image Source: Hotflick

Image Source: Hotflick

Do you remember record stores? You know, stores where they actually sold things called records. I do, but just barely. Mostly I recall CD’s in long boxes, wrapped in cellophane. I’m pretty sure I had more cassette singles in cardboard sleeves than actual records, but I did own Thriller on vinyl. White suits and tiger cubs all day, fool!

Before dinosaurs there were giant crocodiles that could run you down and tear you to bits in one bite. They were huge (standing nine feet tall) and they looked like something menacing out of the afterworld in Beetlejuice. Lucky for us, we didn’t come until way later.

She’s not wrong. We’ve got to try and remember what it was like before we found it so easy to be assholes online.