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18 March 2015

I really do hate to say this because so many people file frivolous lawsuits just to get some “easy” money out of big companies, but this needed to happen. The Pao case had to open the doors for other women in tech who’ve been treated unjustly due to their gender. Also, no one should be serving anyone else drinks (or getting them coffee) unless they’re servers or fight attendants. That kind of crap is not OK in an office environment and it’s time to let the tech industry know.

This man is delusional, but then, when you have that much money it’s easy to lose touch with reality. Also, I thought it was plainly evident that money alone could not run this country. I mean, we tried that with George W. Bush and look where it got us. We even went so far as to give the man a second term and he only drove us further into debt and democratic despair. Just say no to Trump. No other country on the planet will ever take us seriously again if our president is seen running around with that hair.

Shit is going down on Mars and no one knows what it is. I don’t know about you, but that excites me.


StarbucksImage Source: Bloomberg via MarketWatch

Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll never have to leave your house again. As a person that currently works from home, I can vouch for how awesome it is to be a hermit. Those stress headaches I used to get from forced interactions with people I genuinely disliked, have vanished. Sure, I get lonely, but silence beats the constant drone of mindless chatter. Trust me.

In addition to never leaving your house, you’re never going to leave Twitter, either.

And yet, I still daydream about living in New York. I guess I am a bit of a masochist.