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03 March 2015

I too find the timing of this capture suspicious. It’s interesting that these criminals remain mythically elusive until the President needs to look good for his trip to Buckingham Palace. I don’t’ even have the words in my vocabulary to accurately describe my distaste for Enrique Peña Nieto.

So, we’re all in agreement that we’ll watch this banned documentary as soon as we can? Excellent.


Someone tried to legitimately pull off a bank heist of Hollywood proportions. I wonder how this one is going to pan out. I’m hoping for a scene on a yacht with big, fruity drinks. Granted, I’ll probably still resent the financial implications of said heist irl. Ugh, real life is so hard, guys.


Happy DogsImage Source: Mobilite

My dogs heard that bark in the video, pranced into my office and watched the whole damn thing. They’re sitting here now, looking at me. The bulldog is staring with those soulful, pouty eyes, imploring. The little one is looking at me alert, head cocked to one side, somehow demanding. Conversely, the cat is here eye-ballin’ me, implying the cat version of this kennel is not far off and I should start getting my ducks in a row, now. Me, I was sitting here laughing at their deluded nature. My chuckle snowballed into a full-blown belly laugh at about the same time it dawned on me that I was laughing at reactions that I’d just fabricated for the three animals that live in my house. On the positive side, at least I know I’m insane.

Companies like this need to be exposed so they can go out of business and the mom-and-pop shops can make a comeback. I don’t want cheaper floors if they’re going to kill me or give me cancer.

In the spirit of learning something new every day, here you go: