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25 February 2015

You don’t give a shit about her health. You’re not a doctor and if you were, you’d know that you can’t tell if a person is healthy just by looking at a picture of them. Your concern is transparent and misplaced.

If there’s anything to be learned here it’s that you must always patent yo’ shit. And figure out how extract and sell human organs on the black market because high-powered lawyers come with high powered fees.

Hey assholes, take the pets you lost interest in, and are deciding to abandon, to a goddamn animal shelter. They are not just for dogs and cats. Get it the fuck together.


Fox NewsImage Source: Marrilow

Fox News is not news; it’s a reaction to news. If you need your journalists telling you what you’re supposed to think because the actual news is too complicated, you’re the one in trouble. Opinions are the best and we should all have our own. The facts won’t change because they never do—get more of them.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do this in all great cities? My reason for leaving DC Metro would have been, “Traffic was killing my soul one mile at a time and the rent was just too damn high.”

I’m not gonna lie, I threw out the entire bag of dog food I had because it was Beneful.