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17 February 2015

I read way too many stories where the police officer shoots or otherwise kills the dog, so this is a refreshing and uplifting change of pace. My pets are part of my family and reading countless stories where the dog is executed for no justifiable reason doesn’t make me sad, it makes me angry. I get that cops have a tough job, coming  face to face with danger to ensure everyone’s safety, but if you scare easily, then maybe being a police officer isn’t the best job option for you. Cops should be brave and poised to help, not cowards aiming to shoot and ask questions later.

There is a lot more to language than the face value of words. That’s probably one of the reasons I like to write, even though I’m bad at it.

I’d tell you that your student loans are killing the American dream, but somehow, I bet you already knew that.


architect-sketch-orbaImage Source: Improvistos via NPR

Co-housing sounds like a win-win. I wonder if a concept like this would work in the United States where we’re uber-focused on individuality and “making it” on your own. Multi-generational co-habitation is one thing, but putting the success of a community directly in the hands of the people within it, requires a lot of faith in human nature. Sadly, that aspect terrifies me. Turns out I’m a pessimist at heart. : (

If you keep them healthy, they will work.

Wait; just kidding. You’re going to have to make it easier for them to get healthy and then you’re going to have to put your money where your mouth is and let them go to doctor’s appointments, the gym and out to a healthy spot for lunch when they need to. Did you hear that? I think shit might have just gotten real, y’all.