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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

12 February 2015

“Mr. Comey said there was significant research that says all people have unconscious racial biases.” Um, yeah, we’re all human. We like to put people in categories to sort them out, sure. However, the rest of us need to set those biases aside when we’re in the work place. We’re even required to do so by law. We’ve all seen the HR videos on how not to be a racist dick, Mr. Comey. Most people manage to keep their unsavory assumptions in check because we have to, in order to stay employed. People can lose millions when they let their racist flags fly; just ask Paula Deen or Donald Sterling. We all know this and to avoid calamity, we keep ourselves in check. Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem that way when it comes to cops. Police officers, either consciously or subconsciously, employ their racist assumptions and tendencies right into their work and they’re rarely terminated. Hell, we can’t even get ‘em to trial in the first place. Anyway, this is where I remind myself not to be a negative prick and keep hope alive, so yeah. Let’s hope these words aren’t a brave, but hollow attempt at leveling with Americans. The truth hurts, but it’s way less painful than a bullet to the chest.

Indeed. The first thought that popped into my head when I read, “Three Muslim Students have been shot,” was “why’d they have to tell me they were Muslim?” It seemed like a superfluous detail unnecessary unless they’d been targeted because of their religion. The implication was what led me to click the link and that process made me wonder if I wasn’t placing undue emphasis on the wrong aspects of this despicable crime.

It’s about goddamn time. Those ads were getting harder and harder to identify as pure marketing fluff. Enough jargon and buzzwords can confuse any sane person into thinking a marketing ploy might be an opportunity. Research the hell out of any financial dealings you’re going to get involved in, guys. People are counting on you to be lazy.