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04 February 2015

And yet, Seattle seems to be doing pretty OK most days. Washington hasn’t disintegrated into a state of anarchy, nor has it had to go full Hunger Games on its good citizens. So, when do you think we’ll be done fearing marijuana? When can we abolish this backward war on drugs and move forward? Just thinking about all the deaths marijuana has not caused, is giving me a splitting headache. Ugh, I need a drink.

It seems as though the future of the Internet is now, you guys. We’re well past the days when Internet access was looked upon as a luxury. Considering how much of our lives is played out online and how often we access (or how infrequently we disconnect from, depending on your view) the web it’s become a utility all on its own. As creeper as that sounds, it’s true. The Internet made itself indispensable and now all we have to do is protect our right to access it without paying for a fast lane.

I’m all for persuasion, but if the science doesn’t persuade them, then what? It’s science for chrissake! All I know is that I don’t want the measles, nor do I have any interest in anyone else contracting the disease. Your personal choices should not be allowed to hurt others directly.

People on ComputersImage Source: The Huffington Post

Wow, this is the stuff of nightmares. Hell and China: The two places that make you use your real name on all of social media. You know, the thought gives me goose bumps, but I’m also aware that privacy online is but a myth. Ahhh, the coping mechanisms of the human brain…

“Every adult in Colorado may soon receive a $7.63 check from the state — all thanks to marijuana.” Um, can someone remind me again why it’s illegal in so many states and on the federal level? Who is marijuana hurting exactly?

Question everything.