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23 January 2015

The Internet is currently mourning the loss of our friend from the seat-back pocket, Sky Mall. Sadly, it turns out the Internet itself is to blame for the chapter 11 filing. Oh irony, sometimes you’re such a bitch.

I dunno, man. To imply that rape isn’t a bit of an epidemic is going too far. Entirely too many are convinced they’re owed sex from women, and they take freely, in a culture where ladies still can’t even get equal pay. This article does convey a more complete view of the “college rape epidemic” by quoting actual police reports and such and that’s pretty enlightening. Still, I feel like the author is missing the point. What do you think?

I am trusting this is a positive move. I use Expedia often and I’m hoping it doesn’t become some totalitarian monopoly that goes horribly awry. I’m lookin’ at you, Walmart.


AP PhotoImage Source: Paul Sakuma / AP via SFGate

Oh, Google. You just want us to hand over our entire internet lives to you, don’t you? Where do I sign up?

We’re all planning road trips, right? C’mon, let’s take a weekend to explore the open road whilst basking in the savings of plummeting oil prices. Do it. Let’s go somewhere and see some stuff.

Fine. If you won’t do this road trip thing, then at least come outside with me to look at the stars for a bit. Don’t be a lazy loser. Do it.