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20 January 2015

I love that she figured out how to fight smarter. Fighting fire with fire is exhausting and limited in scope and Zoe Quinn admirably opted for strategy through solidarity. Female gamers have always been around and they’ll always be around and if they’re neglected (i.e. left to fend for themselves) the industry will cease to grow and begin to collapse onto itself.

I’m sharing just in case you were wondering how religious liberty should work. Also, the amount of judicial shade in these few sentences is immense and glorious.

i.e. “Quit having so much sex for pleasure, heathens.”


BurgerImage Source: Getty Images via Time Magazine

For the love of everything right and good in this world, can we please stop doing other stuff when we’re driving? Throw on some music and drive. Ignore your phone and hunger pangs. Live in the moment to save lives and billions in auto repairs and medical expenses. You needn’t multitask at all times, don’t believe the hype.

Let’s stare into this fascinating abyss for a minute, yeah?

We should begin mourning this tragic news now—together.