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15 January 2015

Google Glass as you know it, is dead. If you listen carefully you might be able to hear the cheers, hooting and hollering of all the hipsters in the land they call San Francisco. No more must they fight the good fight against Glass. Instead they can pass the time oiling their beards and mending their flannels.

This is the kind of technological advance that everyone can get behind. Anything that cuts down on the time people have to spend commuting, should be heralded as the next great invention of our time. I bet even the SF hipsters would agree.

This device sounds pretty interesting, but what happens with those people that don’t eat because they’re hungry? Will this work for them? Most of the people that I hear talking about their weight concerns don’t eat so much because they’re actually hungry.


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I bet it’s because word got out to the non-stoners about just how amazing marijuana is for pain and responsible recreation.


What makes one tragedy more newsworthy than another? Why do we mourn with France while we ignore Nigeria? All lives matter, don’t they?


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