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14 January 2014

I know you probably read about it yesterday and you’re well aware that there are despicable people in this world who hide behind their religion. I know, but this deserves to be shared so that folks might understand how abhorrent they have become when they won’t even let a family mourn the ultimate loss. If your religion says it’s not OK to let people mourn the loss of life and love, then your religion is pretty goddamn shitty. Love should be celebrated—always.

You’ll still need actual translators!!!! I scream as I fade into the distance whilst my college degree in foreign languages disintegrates before my very eyes.

Breaking up a phone into smaller bits feels like a good idea. I imagine it would be easier to customize and update without the need of a full upgrade every couple of years.


fbwork_press_newsfeedImage Source: Facebook via Techcrunch

Then again, businesses already knew they could make their own social networks. In fact, there are entire companies that do just that. Work Facebook feels a little too close for comfort, if you ask me.

Men are the cattiest people ever.

We should all learn something new every day, right? Well, here’s your new thing for today: