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08 January 2015

I love animals so I feel bad for enjoying foie gras, but I totally do. I so do. It’s delectable and I’m a fucking hypocrite. Life is hard and now I’m left thinking of those poor animals being force feed so that people like me can enjoy their swollen livers. It’s almost like the world doesn’t want me to love anything, guys.

Now that the money looks like it’s going to start coming in, there’s no stopping the legalization of marijuana. Laws don’t’ mean much if the money doesn’t back them. That’s pretty sad now that I think about it.

I don’t know about you, but it seems a little scary when a court forces a girl to get the chemotherapy her and her family were against. What rights do we have if we don’t have the right to say what goes for our own bodies?


ColdImage Source Mark Lennihan / AP via The Washington Post

Ah ha! At least now I have a good reason for keeping the bedroom as cold as possible at night. I’ll be printing this and taping it to the headboard on my husband’s side of the bed. Maybe I’ll get him an extra blanket too.

Because we’re all human and we all value life and the freedom to say what we feel.

I’m going to need my future kitchen to be my present kitchen because someone has to teach me not to loathe cooking. Only you can save me, technology!