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07 January 2015

“This was an attack on freedom, we must be ourselves and we must realize our best weapon is unity.” –French President François Holland

I’ve had many horrible experiences with customer service and I know I’m not alone. Customer service is a dying art. However, when I resort to social media to resolve my issues with companies like FTD, my problems are swiftly and expertly handled. When in doubt, call them out on Twitter or Facebook. It has always worked for me, except for that one time with 1800Flowers, so try to avoid them if you want to send flowers that actually arrive to their destination on time.

Terrorism and hate go together like peanut butter and jelly.


Fed Chairman Bernanke Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report To Senate CommitteeImage Source: The Huffington Post

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Money does not trickle down. It folds up. I’m glad to see at least one politician copping to that and trying to spread the word. It gives me hope. Rock on, Senator Warren.

“Everyone knows that child abuse is not a good thing,” Hide says. “But having that kind of emotion is free, enjoying imagining some sexual situation with a child is not prohibited.” I have no words, y’all mostly because the man that said this is technically correct. The world is a scary place, guys.

All lives matter. In case you thought you didn’t need feminism, wake the fuck up.