New Year’s Truth


If you’re one of the good ones, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t post the News Links today. For that I apologize, but there are two reasons I messed up.

  1. I got caught up de-Christamasing my house, cleaning up & watching the Winter Classic. Go Caps!
  2. Time flew & I just now realized I hadn’t posted the news.

After sufficiently chastising myself for my lack of discipline, I settled in to put together the post. However, Instead of heading to the news outlets to find the stuff I wanted to share with you guys today, I sat there, in Word, watching my cursor blink.  I thought about the news for a while and decided against sharing anything depressing, enraging or even frustrating right now.

You don’t need any depressing news to taint this, your first day of 2015, do you? The world was a mess yesterday and tomorrow I’m sure we’ll face more of the same. The messed up, backward and downright dirty events that make up the daily news will be waiting for us all tomorrow. I’ll get back to business then, but for now let’s celebrate New Year’s Day with a little optimism.

Don’t worry. No one is looking. Let your face melt out of that unintentional scowl, relax your shoulders and:



Breathe in the scent of a fresh start.



 Feel the electricity of endless possibilities.



Embrace the unknown just for a moment.

Hugh Jackman

Marvel like you did when you were a kid because…



You just earned yourself another shot at a new start (of your choosing) in the always exciting game of life.


Independent Thought

So what’s it gonna be?


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