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29 December 2014

OK, all together now: IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME

I dunno. All social media platforms are forms of self-expression to some degree. All this stuff, pictures, jokes, comments, shares, likes, pins, etc.—every piece of it tells a story.

No one is safe. Nothing is safe. Privacy is a hologram of a long-ago time that may or may not have even existed. In other words: insert paranoia here.


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Welp, on the up side, folks are already developing ways to  utilize quantum physics to better secure credit card information. On the down side, technology appears to be its own worst enemy. See?! Technology is already human-like and there’s no stopping it now.
Suspense is Terrible


Of course they do…

I would tell you that it’s all downhill with age, but fuck that. That isn’t the whole truth. Getting older sucks so much less than the world would like to have you believe. Don’t worry; you’ll see.