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16 December 2014

Can we please—I’m looking at everybody—stop shooting up, blowing up & otherwise murdering a bunch of children simply to make a point? We seriously need to figure out a way to teach ourselves how to respect life and innocence, you guys.

You know what would be more awesome? If Catholic Church officials allowed nuns to become priests and popes, you know, like their male counterparts. Imagine how much cooler Cool-Pope would be if he gave women the opportunity to run thangs.

As well they should. They’re entitled to sue since Sony failed to properly adhere to a California law that requires personal medical information be highly protected. I hope they’re also suing because they don’t seem to be of much of a concern due to the high-profile gossip that was leaked as a result of this devastating hack–unofficially of course.

 2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest TechnologyImage Source: David Becker / Getty Images via Time Magazine

Time to use the system against the big corporations that still dominate the market. Why shouldn’t we? They do it to us all the time, but in reverse—the bastards. Looks like it’s time to find a way to save some money on that cell phone bill. Let’s do this, y’all. Breathe deep and go find your customer service number. Be prepared to give up a chunk of your afternoon to save yourself a chunk of change. You’re going to want to call and talk to someone in order to maximize your savings. Trust me.

Today in awesome science news:

I’ve always felt both older and younger than I am. It’s weird. I wonder if feeling older cancels out all the time I’ve felt younger than my age. I bet it does, that would be my luck.


Image source: Disney