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08 December 2014

Considering that Uber was attempting to crack the Indian market, I think it’s safe to assume they’ve got enough cash floating around to fund their own, private background checks on potential drivers. Pay attention, y’all because this is what passing the buck looks like and it’s ugly.

Gene therapy sounds frightening to me, but I’m guessing that’s from all the dystopian, sci-fi movies I’ve watched.

It seems a lot of industries depend on us being fat bastards and yet they keep selling us this undernourished physique as the universal standard for both male and female beauty–and we keep buying it. So weird how that happens…


India off gridImage Source: IBM via BBC News

In addition to street vendors, and the people inhabiting the slums of India, they could also potentially provide power for temporary housing; you know, for the homeless right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Are you listening, San Jose, CA? Considering we’re the capital of Silicon Valley, you better be taking notes too.

You’re going to need more than just a good idea to make it big; you’re going to need an ass-load of luck. Ain’t that a bitch?

Uhh, maybe they should focus on raising the funds to hire more 911 operators and properly trained police officers. There shouldn’t be a limit on the amount of times anyone is allowed to call 911 if they’re actually experiencing an emergency. Can we get a Kickstarter going for more 911 operators, dispatchers and properly trained cops (who are held accountable for their professional decisions)? I’d fund the fuck out of that.