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05 December 2014

How long do you think before they can get both screens to be identical with regards to the display? Three? Five years? If this was Vegas, I’d ask you to place your bets.

Woah, thoughts of battling my husband are dancing in my head. It looks like I might actually pick up a controller for something other than watching T.V. for once. That’s right, my Playstation controller has become my television remote. The future is now, y’all.

I’m always looking for reasons to quit smoking, not for myself, but for my husband. Can you feel me making uncomfortable eye contact with him, mentally, right now? Well, I am—so hard.


EinstineImage Source: Getty Images via The Wall Street Journal

Many things get lost in translation, that’s why the medium for said translation is critical to the equation. The human mind lends the emotion necessary to convey the original sentiment. Meaning is always found far beyond the reach of mere words.

This is one of the many reasons it’s important to protect whistleblowers. Remember that.

It’s about motherfucking time, Mr. Peña Nieto. Don’t get too excited though, the world is still watching, because someone always is. PS – Fellow American compatriots please take a long, hard look at what happens when people allow impunity to become the status quo. This is about all of us.