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03 December 2014

It’s about damn time someone is convicted of bullying, humiliating and harassing another via revenge porn. I just hope those that allow themselves to be photographed/videoed in sexual/compromising situations also have videos/photos of the people filming them. Fair is fair.

I don’t understand. If “the police department’s patrol guide bans officers from using chokeholds, saying they can be deadly,” then why did the grand jury not choose to indict the police officer that killed Eric Garner with a chokehold? I sure wish the Staten Island District Attorney (Daniel Donovan) would explain.

“It’s easy to blame individual corrupt figures, but [Viktor] Yanukovich’s massive money laundering was only possible with the help of willing Western banks and middlemen, something EU governments have failed to tackle,” – Ann Koch Transparency International, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia.

Cool, now if we could get every country on board with this idea, there would be less multinationals moving jobs to other countries where the tax laws favor them. It’s fine to make money, but how many loopholes does it take to go from earning to stealing?


sony-hackImage Source Getty Images via Wired

Who knew that Sony’s top brass, a line-up of mostly white male executives, earn $1 million and more a year? < – – That’s the first line of this article. This is the first line of my commentary – – > If you didn’t assume that was the case over at Sony (or most other giant corporations), I can’t SMH enough at you. Note: That shouldn’t be normal, just or acceptable. PS – I’m not condoning this hack, I’m just sayin’…

Netflix, you dirty sonnovabitch, WTF? Nothing is real anymore. Nothing feels right. Why, Neflix, whyyyyyyyyyyyy?! Say it isn’t so.