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12 September 2014

We are all stardust and music. This moment of tranquility was brought to you by science.

Of course this happens after I decide it’s time to cut the cable cord.

Stress will have a harder time killing you if you learn to meditate. Fuck stress; meditate.

The Feds threatened Yahoo with a $250,000/day fine if they didn’t give up their customer’s data to the NSA. When I read that I thought of this scene……because samesies, right?

Seeing as social media companies profit greatly from the data they harvest from their users, we should be more interested in holding them accountable and not the other way around. Additionally, “Facebook has stood firm on the matter, telling the BBC that its real-name policy created a safer environment on the network.” To that I say, “read the bonus links and YOU be the judge.”

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