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08 August 2014

When you read the news as much as I do, you notice things—things like, the world doesn’t feel a sense of urgency to help anyone in Africa the way they do folks on other continents. That, coupled with our minuscule attention spans, is what leads to news stories like the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, being forgotten in an instant. Maybe that’s why people are so angry that white Americans were the only ones to secure access to the experimental drugs they need in order to fight off Ebola.

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It seems everyone wants to keep the Internet free, except those that provide access. Gee, I wonder why that would be.


Linato Zhang via Getty Images
 Image Source: Linato Zhang via Getty Images

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing makes me stand there, dumbfounded and slack-jawed like seeing a beautiful piece of automotive machinery in the street. As a matter of fact, the other day I was walking in a parking lot, caught a glimpse of a blacked out McLaren and did just that—stared with wanton lust at a car I’ve admired since childhood. HOWEVER, if the dude that owned the car would have been like, “hey lets get some lunch.” The answer would have been no and not just because I’m married. The rules of my life are simple and sad. A kind stranger that looks rich might kill you just as easily as a broke dude in a Gremlin. Stuff doesn’t change anything–even sexy, metallic automotive stuff. Turns out stuff can be more of a bitch than life, if you let it.

You think the NSA will let this fly? While you ponder that, be sure to contemplate the role that Snowden played on getting you a new, more secure email system.

Remember, this is what war does to people. Happy Friday!

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