The Collection (2012) – Movie Review





Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) just got a call from her boyfriend telling her that he can’t see her tonight because he has to work.  Luckily, Elena’s friends refuse to let her sit at home and mope.  They’re taking her to a warehouse party.  Once inside, the evening starts to look up, until Elena catches her boyfriend kissing a faceless blonde.  From that moment forward it’s all adrenaline all the time.

Elena notices that something else is amiss while she’s running from her now ex boyfriend.  Bloodshed ensues en masse and comes in the form of giant blades, which descend upon the partygoers, taking most of them out in one sweep.  Almost everyone in the warehouse is dead within seconds.

While making her way out of the the murder scene, Elena sees her friend crushed to death.  Terrified, she moves on, trying desperately to get out.  Just as she spots freedom through a window, she locks eyes with Arkin (Josh Stewart) as The Collector, the serial killer behind the tragedy that’s just transpired, kidnaps her.

It turns out that Arkin wasn’t at the warehouse for a party; he was escaping the killer who now has Elena.  He may have gotten away from The Collector, but he’s not getting away from Elena’s wealthy dad’s mercenaries.  Arkin must now go back to his narrowly escaped killer to save a girl he’s only seen once.

This movie is definitely full of action, but that’s both good and bad.  There is zero character development and I really could have cared less if Arkin saved Elena or not.  Essentially what you have in this film is an attempt to mirror the Saw franchise; there is zero innovation here.  The Collection is a sequel (unbeknownst to me of at the time of viewing) to The Collector, which came out in 2009.  Perhaps this is why the writers, Marcus Dunston (whom also directs) and Patrick Melton felt little need to delve into the back stories of their lead characters.

As previously mentioned, this film moves fast; unfortunately, it’s too fast to be impactful in any way.  The Collection falls short on many levels; it didn’t scare, startle, provoke or impress.  Josh Stewart is interesting to watch and Emma Fitzpatrick is fairly convincing as the not-so-helpless damsel in distress, but without a solid story line and a little effort behind the writing, there isn’t much they could have done to save this move experience.  I could be biased about the writing part, but trust me in that at most, you’ll think, “Eh…it was ok,” and quickly forget what you’ve just seen.  Don’t bother with this one, you’ve got better things to do with your time and money.

The Collection (2012)D

D = It may seem promising, but you’ll forget all about it once you’re done watching.  This one isn’t worth your time or money.  Instead, maybe go for a walk.